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Interview with Alexandria Maillot from Red Riding Hood

An interview with Alexandria Maillot, who plays Amanda Seyfried's sister in the movie:

Alexandria Maillot’s first film role is no walk-on part.

The former Nanaimo-area teen earned a supporting role in Red Riding Hood, a modern movie based on the children’s fairytale.

“This is one of the first things I was able to get,” Maillot said from her current home in Vancouver. “It’s pretty big.”

Maillot, 18, may be remembered by Islanders for her voice but she’s also been auditioning for acting roles since age 12 when she was signed by an agent.

Her role was shot over five days in Burnaby where film studios were transformed into a medieval village.

Red Riding Hood, directed by Catherine Hardwicke, who also directed one of the Twilight movies, tells the story of Valerie, caught between the man she loves and the man her family wants her to marry.

After her sister, played by Maillot, is killed by a werewolf that prowls the forest near their village, Valerie finds herself central to the monster’s capture.

Maillot said one of the reasons she won the role was because of her resemblance to Amanda Seyfried, who plays Valerie. Also starring in the movie is Julie Christie and Gary Oldman.

Although it was her first movie, Maillot said she didn’t feel starstruck.

“I can’t look at them like an idol – I have to look at them like a colleague,” Maillot said.

The Spotlight Academy student doesn’t know whether she’ll be at the movie premiere in early March in Los Angeles and doesn’t want to get her hopes up if she’s not invited.

“I’m going to tell myself no,” Maillot said. “I’m just not going to think about it.”

Pilot season starts next month, which means more work for actors as new series are filmed and pitched to networks.

“Acting wise, there’s so much in Vancouver,” Maillot said. “They end up casting Vancouver-based actors.”

In the meantime, Maillot is also working on her music career.

She entered the Youthink magazine music contest, where young musicians compete for a prize of a professionally recorded song.

Maillot made it to the top 10 with her song All We Need. What she needs is votes to propel her into the top 3, where she would compete in a showcase at Tom Lee Music Hall in Vancouver in April.

The winner will be chosen by a panel of judges at the showcase and will share in more than $10,000 in prizes, including a professionally recorded song.

The prize will help Maillot record an EP, a collection of a handful of songs to help promote her music.

“I just have this massive love for both music and acting,” Maillot said. “That would be my dream – to successfully pursue both.”

Vote for Maillot to push her into the top 3 showcase by visiting http://bandcontest.youthink.ca/.

Voting closes Feb. 8.

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