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Catherine Hardwicke on GFS MasterClass - Production Design

Director Catherine Hardwicke joined 8 young filmmakers from around the world in a Google+ Hangout to teach them about Production Design, as part of the Ghetto Film School's MasterClass series. 

GFS MasterClass is a free innovative virtual class for young people who want to learn filmmaking from top directors in the industry. Through Google+'s Hangout videochat technology, young filmmaking students from around the world get lessons from established filmmakers. They happen once a month and so far we've had Lee Daniels ("Precious") and Catherine Hardwicke. 

3 weeks ago we shot a MasterClass with Catherine Hardwicke, where she talked about Production Design and how she's tackled it in Twilight, Red Riding Hood, Lords of Dogtown, Thirteen and more. Besides, she dropped some very cool tips on how to achieve a great look for your films and sharing her extensive experience on the subject. 

Here's the link to the Full hangout - Catherine Hardwicke MasterClass on YouTube

For more info on upcoming Hangouts, visit

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